Monday, October 1, 2012


I have been in a series of discussions with a U.S. based company who is currently marketing a well-known consumer service. They are particularly excited that they are doing well in this lousy economy. I would be too. My natural reaction was to ask what they plan to do next to move the business forward to which they responded; “we’re going to ride this baby for a while”.

Stop here and ask yourself what you think of that reaction and let’s see if it aligns with mine. What they are saying is that they are going to do nothing until their business turns down. In my world that is a losing strategy.

Many of the assignments I get are simply the result of a client sitting on success. There is an old saying, if it works, don’t fix it”. That sounds correct and a very “cool” saying on the surface but read this carefully, “NOTHING, THAT’S NOTHING, COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.” Do not fall into that trap. Thirty-five percent of my assignments are due to a business in trouble because of that philosophy.

This is really simple. Every category of product or service I have ever been in has operated as a dynamic. The only thing you can absolutely count on is that nothing will remain as it is. What’s next is coming. Your choice is to be the cause of it or you will surely be at the effect of it. Being at the effect of what’s next is usually very painful.

If you are on top and waiting, you are guaranteed to fall. The easiest and most effective area of marketing for you to create what’s next is in your sales message. If you are making a series of simple yet effective changes to your selling proposition, you will become the leader in your category. Your competition will be reacting to you just to keep up and that posture guarantees you will grow and they will shrink. There are many examples of this kind of activity. Simply look at Tide, Southwest Airlines or Allstate Insurance. Relatively small, consistent and innovative changes in their products and services and their accompanying sales messages have kept them on top.

Kudos to the above brands…well done.

You don’t have to be a big company to do that; you do have to be smart and somewhat aggressive. Creating what’s next for your business will keep your target consumers’ interest and in turn their loyalty to you and…you will drive your competition nuts.

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