Wednesday, February 16, 2011


You may have noticed I’ve been silent for the last few weeks. Here’s why. After beach volleyball, basketball is clearly my favorite second sport. Approximately six weeks ago’ I caught an elbow across my face that broke my nose, gave me two very black eyes and required a bit of surgery. Ten days later, just when it seemed safe to go back on the court, I broke my left hand. It too required surgery to reassemble. While the nose thing did not affect my blog, the loss of my hand did. Yes, I am rethinking my basketball career. Happily, now I am back and with lots to share.

I frequently do guest appearances on radio and TV shows as an “expert” marketing guy. One of my favorite shows is the Big Biz Show, which is a West coast radio/TV simulcast that is broadcast across the US and select foreign countries. It airs daily from 12PM to 2PM. The show is hosted by Bob “Sully” Sullivan and Russ T. Nails, who cover the financial world with a humorous twist. It’s fun and frankly a great place for me to freely express my thoughts and experiences.

A couple of months back, the host Sully asked if I wanted to do anything special. My answer, almost without thinking was, “Let’s do a marketing makeover with a small business.” My thinking was that it will be fun, because I never get to work with small businesses, and I had the idea that if other small businesses could observe the process, we may well stimulate the economy, if only in a small way. Sully jumped all over it. We decided to launch it at the beginning of the year.

For the past three weeks we have been accepting applications from all over the United States. On Wednesday, with me in the studio, we will announce the winner and set the stage for the business transformation that will be covered over the next few months.

To add to the quality of the makeover, I have solicited the help of two very highly respected marketing experts that I frequently work with. They will serve as my coaches.

 My goal was to find a business that fit two criteria: A business owner and a business, both of which have a lot of character… I got lucky. Tomorrow we will introduce the world to Ricky Farmer the proud owner of a pet crematorium in Cleveland, Georgia. Ricky, is a “hoot”. It should be fun to follow.

You can follow Ricky’s marketing makeover on The Big Biz Show. To find out when it airs in your area, go to  We will also post the broadcasts on  and I will share what is going on behind the scenes on this blog.


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