Thursday, May 19, 2011

America’s Marketing Makeover…What An Experience!

About three months ago we picked a small business in Cleveland, Georgia to do what we titled Americas Marketing Makeover. This would all be documented on “The Big Biz Show”, a well-established two-hour daily TV/radio simulcast, hosted by Bob “Sully” Sullivan. Though it is broadcast on a secondary cable network, it is received in a little over 38 million households. The announcement of the makeover, selection of the winner, the progression of the makeover and its finale were all documented in twelve broadcasts. The final broadcast, ten days ago, chronicled the entire effort and can be seen at

I suggest you consider watching it as it is truly entertaining. I am particularly proud of it but not for the reason you may think.

As you watch it you will become aware of the nature of the business I picked. It was Precious Memories, Private Pet Cremations. If you are like most, just reading that will have you crack a smile or possibly break into a giggle. That giggle is exactly why I made this choice. Private Pet Cremations becomes even more curious when you meet its owner Ricky Farmer. Ricky is a “salt of the earth” Southerner with a heavy Georgian accent to match.

As we worked our way through the project, I became aware of the special nature of Ricky. In time, I developed a great deal of respect for this man who loves animals beyond anything I have seen. Ricky would tell you he got into the business because he felt that animals were not receiving the respect they deserved, even after death. The project soon became a labor of love, and a breakthrough was just ahead for me.

As we were wrapping up Ricky’s project, we were also wrapping up two other projects for corporate clients. Both of these projects were under significant senior management scrutiny, which put a great deal of pressure on my clients. Over the period of a couple of weeks, success was evident on all three projects. While creating success is common in my business, for the first time I was impressed with the personal impact it had on the people we work for. It began when Ricky shared how our work had literally changed his life and that of others who worked with him. It continued as my two corporate clients shared the personal impact that their success was having on them.

Having all three of these projects mature at the same time, I became aware of the personal nature of what is at stake for those who we work with. It’s not just an attempt at growing their business. Lives are altered and careers are at sake. For whatever reason, this personal impact has escaped me for years. I’m sure this will alter the care with which I conduct my business in the future. If you watch the video, you will meet Ricky in person and get a sense of what I experienced first hand. I am now fully aware that what I do is very personal and more than ever before I am now present to how much I love what I do.


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