Sunday, February 21, 2010


I flew to New York and back several weeks ago and was twice asked, “What is Pull?” Pull is a book title of course, but it is also a marketing distinction I discovered many years ago.

Remember how special you felt when you got your new car? It was exciting and made life a bit more fun. Remember how carefully you drove it and how carefully you parked it. Notice you still have the car but that feeling is gone. Shouldn’t it follow that if you still have the car you should still have the feeling?

You are not alone. It is humanly impossible to keep that feeling. Human beings are “hard wired” in the brain to familiarize themselves with their new car such that the newness and the feeling of excitement simply disappear. What is more aggravating is that we humans have no choice in the matter. We really are “hard wired” to acclimate to anything new because of a need to be comfortable with everything in our lives. We do it with anything that appears newly in our lives. That applies to good news or bad news, a new car or a recession. We humans have to make everything ok.

Being aware of this phenomenon and how it impacts the world of marketing will serve you well. It’s simple. When you create a unique sales message’s you need to understand that target consumers will only react emotionally to it until they make it familiar and get comfortable with it. That’s not bad news. If you think literally about it, you can see that this “Pull” creates a clearing for you and I to create what’s next for our sales message.

The learning here is that even when sales are strong, you and I should be working on creating “what’s next” for our business. Altering your sales message in this way will have your target consumers stay interested in your business and will devastate your competition. You will be the leader in your category.

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