Monday, February 15, 2010


If you hang around me often enough, you will come to agree that participating in Free Enterprise is akin to being in a war. Now I know how harsh that sounds but that attitude will keep you from becoming a casualty. As in any war you have some say about the weapons and the battlefield. Those two things go together by the way. Your selling proposition is your weapon and your impact point is your battlefield.

Identifying your impact point is relative simple. It’s where your message is being conveyed to your target consumer. The front of a retail package, the front of a store, a billboard ad and so forth. Your sales message is another matter.

Getting at your sales message is not quite so easy. The biggest misconception is that your message is what you say or write. It absolutely is not. There is only one true message that counts and that is the message that gets through to your target consumer. You and I may write down the message we want to convey and create an ad to convey it but that message is only in our heads. The message that counts is the message that was interpreted and received the target consumer.

What does all this mean? You need to find a way to expose your sales message to your target consumers and listen to what they have to say. Not your friends, your employees or your relatives…your target consumers. BTW, there is a correct way to do so that is covered in chapter twelve of the book. You don’t need formal research. You will have to do a little work.


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