Sunday, February 28, 2010


It’s easy. You live with Pull by leading your category. I know the idea of being the leader in your category sounds like a huge undertaking but nothing is further from the truth. How you lead is by routinely being perceived as the only alternative when compared to your competition. The alternative I am referring to is accomplished by being perceived as having an advantage over your competition.

Beyond price, there are only two ways to accomplish the perception I am referring to. First, you can develop an alternative in your product or service. A simple example would be a dry cleaner offering an unusual new service for its customers, let’s say offering to convert old VCR videos to DVD format. That sets this dry cleaner up as an alternative in the dry cleaning category and successfully differentiates this one from its competition.

Second, is that you can create a remarkable change in your sales message.  My experience is that the cheapest and easiest way to increase sales and profits is to upgrade your sales message in such a way that your product or service is perceived as remarkable. I touched on this in one of my earlier blogs, “How to Make Your Target Consumer Happy” (1/31/10). What I observed is that most businesses talk so much about their product or service that they leave the consumer out of the it sales message.

The car company BMW just did exactly that and I predict they will reap the benefit of having done so. Their new ad campaign is centered on the message “We don’t just make cars, we make joy”. That is 100% about the target consumer and what they will get out of owning a BMW. Works for me…it will for you too.

The RULE here is that if you evolve your sales message on a regular basis you will drive your competition crazy. You will be causing the evolution of your category by creating “what’s next/new” in your category. Target consumers will perceive your product or service as the leader. You will prosper and your competition will suffer. Your competition will be at the effect of your ongoing innovation. Go for it and let me know what happens.


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