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On my last blog I introduced you to our winner Ricky Farmer from Cleveland, Georgia. Ricky is the very proud owner of a business titled “Precious Memories”. The generic descriptor that follows closely is Private Pet Cremations. Yes, I picked this business to do a marketing makeover on national TV and radio and now I am in the thick of dealing with it. It is a little more complicated than I anticipated.

First off, I had no idea how the project would alter the life of the owner of the company. Once the announcement was made, the regional media swung into action. They have asked for interviews with Ricky, Sully and myself. So far, Ricky has been great but the attention and the pressure of the show and the media are mounting. Stay tuned.

Ricky is proving to be a great character with his southern accent and blatant honesty. Given his unique business and the nature of the project, I suspect coverage of the makeover will continue as it evolves. 
You can view the show where we introduced Ricky at: 

Beyond that, I have been working with Ricky and have found him to be extremely grateful and eager to participate. I exposed him to a long list of positioning elements, selected several I consider appropriate and asked him to respond by working up lists of options for each. I, too, am working on them but want to see what is on his mind and this is a great way to find out. Below is a copy of his Yellow Pages ad, which I am using as a point of departure. It will give you a sense of where he is now.


Ricky’s brand name is a communication element that I am not recommending he change. On the other hand, I will be looking at the effect that may be attained if we subordinate the word “Precious” to the word “Memories”. I will consider it after we complete the work on copy.

Ricky’s Generic Descriptor, Private Pet Cremations was where we started. “Pet Cremations” works to define his service but “Private” is not clear. He used it because he wanted to communicate that he never cremates more than one animal at a time. Such is not the case with his competition. Replacing the word “Private” with something more meaningful will be important.

I asked that he develop ideas for a benefit and he nailed it in seconds with “Peace Of Mind”. I am not likely to improve on that.

Ricky is currently working on a new Tag Line, a photograph and is looking for an endorsement. I will share these next week.

This is great fun particularly as I become more and more aware of how significant it is to Ricky. Makes me push for excellence. I love it.


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