Monday, March 29, 2010


One way to look at the distinction Pull, is that it is the never-ending human compulsion to be completely comfortable with everything in our lives. I know how that sounds. On the surface it seems like an admirable characteristic but it absolutely is not. Don’t let yourself get Pulled.

Pull will keep you from moving forward in your personal and professional life if you don’t learn to deal with it. 

I further define Pull as a survival function that I believe is a hold-over from cave man days when comfort was hard to come by. I say that with apologies to the guys who have been working so hard to sell us Geico insurance.

In my last blog, I shared that I had created reference notes and spread them all over my desk just prior to a live radio interview. I did it as if I needed them to get through the interview. At the last minute, I realized I had been compelled to do so by thinking it would make me more comfortable. I would be able to quickly look up any question they asked. Just before going on air I realized I had been Pulled and tossed all the notes into the trash. The interview went very well and I was asked to return for another segment. Looking back, those notes were suppose to make the interview more comfortable for me, but in reality, they were a barrier between me and the hosts.

Well guess what? I almost did it again. The follow up to that show came last Tuesday when they asked me back, this time into the studio. The difference being it was a TV/radio simulcast. Given it was on TV this time, I was less secure. Wanting to feel more comfortable, I wrote eight key words on a paper plate that would remind me of new insights that I had not covered in the first radio broadcast. 
It made perfect sense to me.

During a commercial break I was ushered into the studio and seated between the two hosts. Just as the commercial break was about to end I reviewed the words on my plate even though the hosts were trying to chat with me. Doing so, I of course was not clear about what they were trying to say. In that instant I realized that I was doing it again and turned it face down. That plate, just like all those notes were a disaster waiting to happen. For the second time I woke up and quickly turned the plate face down.

The interview went beautifully. It was just posted for all to see. If you look closely you can see the plate faced down. Without that as a barrier I was able to "Rock N' Roll" with the hosts. This time I will be a bit smarter about my assumption that I have learned that lesson.

The learning here is that Pull is ever present. Staying present to its pervasive nature is the only way not to become a victim of it. It’s not about remembering that notes are a barrier, it’s about looking for Pull and dealing with its ever present existence.


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  1. I understand exactly what you say. Its as though the brain goes into overdrive when you throw the notes away! If the notes are there the brain will insist on using them.