Friday, January 22, 2010


When I say that, most of you are thinking about your product or service. Probably thinking “Am I saying the right things about my product or service to make consumers want to buy it”. Restaurant owners spend hours working on their menus to create the correct entrée then many more hours describing each item in the most compelling way possible.
By contrast, 3M sells a lot of sand paper and while they are careful to tell consumers how it performs, they were smart enough to tell consumers exactly what they get when they use it. It’s not at all about the sandpaper.

Consumers are people just like you and I. We are simple. All we want is to be HAPPY. Yep… just HAPPY. Notice that happy is about the consumer, not the product. How you make them happy is to tell them “you have what they want”. On the 3M sandpaper package, before they tell you about the product it says in prominent type, “Less Work” If you are about to take on a sanding job that is exactly what you want.

So, get over the significance of your product or service and give your target consumers what they want. Make them happy.


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